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Alex Proud | The Proud Brand

proud1Most things go in and out of style, and it can generally be hard to predict how long it takes something to come back around. That is why it is important to pick out some of the classics. Case in point: historical rock’n’roll photography. A quietly booming industry, it adorns the walls in many a collector’s home, from the average Joe next door to the wealthy art investor. With its mass appeal, it was a smart business move for Alex Proud, the founder of the Proud Group, when he started showcasing these types of prints at his art galleries rather than the niche-market Japanese art he was dealing in before.

What else could be done to the galleries to make the experience as fulfilling as possible? The Proud Group realized: why not enjoy fine dining along with fine artwork? And kick back while enjoying the show? Hence, the first Proud Cabaret was born. Customers come for the art and stay for the food and the quality programming.

Despite the forays into pop history and the vintage art form of burlesque, the Proud brand isn’t without its modern amenities. One option is the Proud Camden Bar, which is a live music venue featuring current and up-and-coming acts ranging from Lovedough to Supernova Heights and even the Manchester Orchestra. However, even this hip venue isn’t without its historical roots. The location used to serve as a horse hospital and dates back over 200 years. Guests can still come and rent private stables that were previously occupied by the former four-legged patrons. Recent renovations include an outdoor terraced café, where guests can escape for a brief moment for some fresh air in the evenings, or to have lunch, which is served every afternoon.

The next stop for Alex Proud? The world of television. He has already appeared in the television programme “House Proud” on BBC2 and on Channel 4’s “Picture This.” Channel 4 recently invited him back and he can now be seen on the show “Four Rooms,” where he is a purchaser of goods from folks hoping to score big with unusual artifacts.